CA Cleaning Care

For locations considered to be hostile or aggressive, the use of components with IPW55 degree of protection is indicated, requiring effective protection against the accumulation of harmful dust to the generator and water jets in all directions. The correct way to maintain the electric motors applied is based on periodic water evaporator at c & g inspection of insulation levels, temperature rise, excessive wear, correct lubrication of the bearings and eventual evaluations in the fan, to verify the correct air flow .

Electric motors therefore need to be kept properly clean and free of dust, debris or oils. The frequency with which inspections are to be carried out will vary according to the type of engine and the conditions of the place of application of the engine. If the dust is not abrasive, blow out the dust from the baffle, thus eliminating any accumulation of dust accumulated in the fan blades and cooling fins. In the case of motors with IP55 protection, it is recommended to carry out cleaning in the terminal box, which must always be clean, without oxidation, in excellent mechanical conditions and without dust in the empty spaces.

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