An advantage in the use of synchronous electric motors is their starting characteristic, it is Gates B93 Hi-Power II Belts possible to design a motor with high torques and low starting currents without damaging the characteristics in regime. This is done, since the armature presents the starting cage, being the same responsible for the characteristics of starting of the engine, while in regime the characteristics are defined by the field. Reduction of the starting current can usually be achieved by a special design of the stator windings and damper. The option of starting with voltage reduction is also an alternative used to reduce the current, but also with reduction of the conjugate.

Thus, the combination of high torque with low starting current can be better approved by the synchronous motor. In the case of asynchronous motors, this design change directly impacts the rated motor operating characteristics. Large mills for iron ore and cement grinding and compressors are examples of applications where it is requested high starting torque and as there are limitations of the power system, it is desirable that the project normally meets starting currents low (locked rotor).

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