Rotary Machines

Rotating electric machines currently play a dominant role in the development and rise of societies, performing the most varied functions, whether in industrial or residential environments. The electric machine most applied today is the electric motor, because it presents a wide versatility reconciled to a low cost of production and a high energy efficiency.

The electric motor has as its base of operation the conversion of electrical energy into mechanical energy which manifests itself by means of a rotational movement and it also allows to convert mechanical energy into electric energy when its moving part is activated by a primary machine, to be called by electric generator. Electric motors baldor vm3538 have a wide variety, but they have in common their simple manufacturing, as they all have a static part, known as a stator, and a moving part known as a rotor. Electric machines have as their main foundation the same laws of physics and magnetism, but their different constructive forms as well as the type of electrical power supply cause them to behave in different ways.

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