It’s like a recipe unique to your restaurant.

italians restaurants atlanta American Pasta
This does not mean that you have to fill the menu with completely
different dishes, but that you should have options that appeal to
different audiences.
Furthermore, innovation also means having among its dishes, at least
one that cannot be found anywhere else, only there. We know that
each type of restaurant has a different price point. While a bar and
restaurant might be more affordable, a bistro or a la carte might weigh
more on a customer’s pocket.
In a way, this price feature is usually compatible with the target
audience. However, always try to prove with the taste, appearance and
quantity of the dish that the amount charged is fair.
Don’t be too below or too much above competitors’ prices, it’s
important to be in a similar line. Before Tambo existed as a
furniture factory I created the company name. That was over 10
years ago. And I remember exactly the day I wrote this name in
pen on paper and everything lit up inside me and those around
me in a day of brainstorming.

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