Construction of DC Motors

The adaptation of a DC motor to an application will also depend on its construction, in the selection process. We have at disposal several different types of DC motors, each offering advantages and disadvantages based on its construction. We have three types of by-pass motors, series winding motors and compound winding motors.

Bypass motors offer minimal variation of speed across the load range and can be configured for constant power over an adjustable speed range. They are used for applications where there is a need for precise speed and torque control.

Series wound motors bring high starting torques to permanently connected loads, these torques are required to avoid damage in high speed conditions. They develop great torque and can be operated at low speeds. They are better suited for heavy industrial applications requiring larger loads moving slowly or lighter loads moving quickly.

Compound winding motors are sketched with compound winding coils for constant speed applications that require higher torque. They are often used where the primary load requires high starting torque and adjustable speed is not required. Applications include lifts, cranes and industrial shop equipment.

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