After all, a day of tourism in Curitiba can make you hungry.

The time-honored bar-dining tradition of fine restaurants like Gramercy
Tavern, Le Bernardin and Union Square Café also attracts Ruth
Reichl. It’s a more social experience than dining; you can often enjoy
the full menu in this space; and it’s also a good place to get tips on
what to eat with the staff and other customers, if you’re visiting. After
discovering all the beauties of the Botanical Gardens , admiring the
Avenida Palace, strolling through the Ópera de Arame and relaxing in
the Barigui Park, the idea is to have a good meal. Luckily, the capital of
Paraná does not play around when it comes to gastronomy.
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From establishments that have been in the city for decades to modern ones
that work in molecular gastronomy, there is no shortage of good
options to eat well. Check out this selection of restaurants in Curitiba
and choose your favorite now! Intimate atmosphere, special menu:
perfect setting for romance. Get ready to surprise the one you love.
Specializing in Portuguese and international cuisine, Lisboa is the right
place for those who do not give up on attentive service, excellent food
and a cozy atmosphere.

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